What is Camp and Travel?
A cultural exchange program where you can earn money by working at summer camps in the USA and benefit from free food, beverage and accommodation. With the money you earn, you can travel in America for up to 1 month.

As part of the Camp and Travel cultural exchange program, it will take care of children under the age of 18 who attend the summer camps in the USA; will assist children in the activities they participate in during the camp; We are looking for participants who can work as camp counselors-leader. Within the scope of this program, which accepts participants from abroad, participants can stay in the camps in the USA for the duration of the program as a legal right to work, if they are accepted to the camps, and they can stay in the USA for up to 1 month from the end of the camp.

Cultural Exchange Program in America

Participants applying to participate in the program from different countries; They are evaluated by the consultants of the official sponsors of the Camp program, which is officially authorized by the American Government, according to their interests and abilities. They accept the applications of the participants they think are suitable for the program and place these people in the camps that are suitable for their qualifications.

The duration of the program varies according to the camps where the participants are placed. However, the duration is at least 8 weeks and can be extended up to 15 weeks.

Application conditions?
Have at least an intermediate level of English
19- 24 years old
Being a student, trainer, a profession you work with young people or being interested in a certain field (art, sports, etc.)
not have a health problem
not have a criminal record
To be in the USA by June 25 at the latest.
To be able to spend the months of June-August in the USA
Have a positive, flexible and confident attitude

Job Options
Camp Counselor
Camp counselors are role models, leading children between the ages of 7 and 16 who participated in the camps; taking care of them; During the camp, the program participants are responsible for helping and helping in the activities they participate in.

Camp and Travel Program Duration
Program duration min. It lasts between 9 weeks (63 days) – 15 weeks. This period is determined according to the agreement of the camp with the participants. min. The program agreement, which is 9 weeks, can be extended if necessary and the participant receives an extra salary with additional time.

Travel – 1 month
Camp and Travel is a cultural exchange program offered by the American Government. Within the scope of the program, the American Government gives participants a legal period of 1 month from the day they leave the camp to travel in the USA.