Education in Hungary

Hungary, which has beautiful nature, ancient history, and rich architectural monuments, is in the middle of Europe. Hungary, a member of the European Union since 2004, joins Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, etc. from other European country’s borders with countries. Budapest, the capital of Hungary with a population of over 10 million, is considered one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world. In addition to its sights and attractions, Hungary has an education system has produced Nobel Prize-winning scientists and inventors. Hungary, which has a high-quality education system, is one of the country’s most often applied to by our local students to study abroad. In addition to our local students, international students choose Budapest and Debrecen, considered touristic cities in Hungary and have the best universities, to study abroad.


The scholarship is available on five continents in almost 80 countries and territories, attracting more than 5,000 international students annually. Currently, 29 Hungarian higher education institutions are involved in the Stipendium Hungaricum Program, covering all areas of higher education at all degree levels and offering more than 600 study programs, primarily conducted in English, including part-time and doctoral programs.

What are the Advantages of Studying in Hungary?


  • The most essential factor is the high level of the Hungarian education system, organization of quality education by educated and professional educators in universities through modern technology and equipment;
  • Despite the provision of high-quality education, the annual tuition fees in Hungarian universities are reasonable compared to other European countries and the Schengen zone;
  • Easy visa acquisition and visa-free travel to other European countries
  • Very affordable monthly living and transportation costs, house or hostel prices
  • Having a wide range of job opportunities during your studies and also after graduation;
  • Recognition of Hungarian university diplomas in any country of the world;


It is worth studying in Hungary for many good reasons like this. Also, Hungary’s low crime level gives students a sense of confidence, making the country even more attractive. If you want to study Economics and Business in Hungary, universities such as ELTE, CEU, Szeged, and Corvinus U.B located in Budapest are considered the country’s most prestigious universities. They are among the choices of our local students. Budapest University of Technology is one of the most recommended and high-quality universities to study, especially in IT-oriented specializations.



How is the Admission Process to Hungarian Universities?

For admission to Hungarian universities, the main thing is that you must have a high level of English language skills. You must have an IELTS certificate and a minimum score of 6.0. If your English language skills are more substantial and you need an IELTS certificate, you should attend 1-year preparatory courses organized by universities. If you complete the preparatory period, the university will take an exam from you at the embassy. If you are successful, you will be able to start university studies. The second important point for studying in Hungary is having a bank account. You must present your bank account to the embassy to prove that your expenses will be covered during your stay there. The visa fee is 60 euros. In Hungary, bachelor’s education lasts three years, master’s education two years, medical education six years, and Dentistry and Pharmacy specialization five years. We will share detailed information about the admission documents and process in our next post on undergraduate and graduate studies.



Hungarian universities

In the list below, you can find the best and highly rated universities in Hungary:



  • University of Szeged
  • University of Debrecen
  • Eötvös Lorand University
  • Corvinus University
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics



How much is the annual tuition fee in Hungarian universities?

Depending on the university and specialty you want to be admitted to, the annual tuition fee in Hungarian universities starts from 4,000 euros.



Is it possible to study in Hungarian universities with a scholarship?

Yes, our next article will share detailed articles about studying in Hungary with a full scholarship.



How much is the monthly living expenses in Hungary?

500-600 euros will be enough, depending on your monthly spending.



Can I get a bachelor’s degree in Hungary with only my certificate grades?

Yes, you can use Hungarian scholarship programs with your certificate grades.

What languages are spoken in Hungary?


Hungarian is the only official language of Hungary. It is spoken by 9,896,333 people, of which approximately 98.9% speak it as their mother tongue and 0.7% as a second language. In Hungary, the European Decree on Regional or Minority Languages was adopted and ratified on April 26, 1995, recognizing and protecting 14 minority languages. According to the provisions of this decree, Hungary, Minority languages such as Armenian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, German, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian and Ukrainian are under special protection. English follows Hungary with 16.0% and 1,589,180 people, and Germany with 11% and 1,111,197 people. While knowing English in Hungary is helpful in big cities, there may be more in small towns.



Working in Hungary

According to 2021 data, the unemployment rate in Hungary is 4.1; employment level is 74.1. Hungary excels in professions such as programming, banking, marketing specialist, accountant, and local government representative.


Below are the most preferred occupations for those seeking work in Hungary.


  • Marketing, sales, and business communication staff
  • Human resources
  • elements of information technology
  • Accounting and financial staff
  • customer service personnel
  • automotive elements
  • building elements
  • mechanical engineers
  • Healthcare workers



Nutrition and Food Costs in Hungary

Below is the food and price list for 2021 for food costs in Hungary.


  • Cheap restaurant meal, 2,000.00 HUF
  • 3-course meal for 2 in a mid-range restaurant, HUF 10,000.00
  • McMeal at McDonalds, HUF 1,600.00
  • 0.5 liters of local beer, HUF 500.00
  • 0.33-liter bottle of imported beer, HUF 600.00
  • Cappuccino, HUF 450.46
  • 0.33-liter bottle of cola, HUF 346.08
  • 0.33-liter bottled water, HUF 275.94
  • 1 liter of milk, 244.53 HUF
  • Fresh white bread (500 g), HUF 244.51
  • 1 kg of rice, 386.37 HUF
  • 12 eggs, 572.06 HUF
  • 1 kg of local cheese, HUF 2,023.7
  • 1 kg of chicken fillet, 1,487.23 HUF
  • 1 kg of red meat, 2,548.97 HUF
  • 1 kg of apples, HUF 462.99
  • 1 kg of bananas, HUF 443.47
  • 1 kg of tomatoes, 564.48 HUF
  • 1 kg of potatoes, 294.61 HUF
  • 1.5 liters of water, 116.46 HUF
  • A bottle of wine, HUF 1,495.00
  • one pack of Marlboro cigarettes, 1500.00 HUF



Living in Hungary

Below is a list of 2021 house types and prices of houses for rent in Hungary.


  • 1-room apartment in the city center, 116,810.02 HUF
  • 1-room apartment outside the city center, HUF 91,237.11
  • One-room apartment in the city center, 204,938.18 HUF
  • one-bedroom apartment outside the city center, 154,671.78 HUF



Living and Social Costs in Hungary

Hungary is one of the most economical countries to study at a European university. There are various options for staying a student—students who want to live in dormitories or rented houses. In general, the monthly accommodation cost of a student is around 150-200 Euros. Transportation, food, public expenses, etc., 300-400 Euros per month is usually sufficient for expenses. Generally, it can be said that the monthly expenses of a student are around 500-600 euros.



Free movement throughout Europe with Schengen visas

Thanks to your Schengen visa, you can travel easily to all European countries during your studies and live as a European citizen.



Economic Tuition and Living Costs

The cost of studying in Hungary is lower than in our country. Considering the abovementioned advantages, it is undoubtedly a much more logical and advantageous option.

Study in Hungary

Getting a university education in Hungary is relatively easy. It is possible to get bachelor’s and master’s education in the most prestigious universities of Hungary in Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Enterprise, and many other fields without taking the university exam. Moreover, the language of education is English.


Fields of study available in the Stipendium Hungaricum program:

  • Engineering science
  • Social science
  • Teacher training
  • Theology
  • Natural sciences
  • Arts Education
  • Medical and Health Science
  • Computer science



Scholarship costs and requirements may vary depending on the university and significance. Below are the basic requirements:


  • IELTS or TOEFL (May vary depending on majors)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Health certificate
  • GPA (Varies by Major)


Some universities accept by exam. Depending on the result of this exam, you get admission. Many students with high results can win benefits such as tuition waivers and living expenses.


You can continue your doctoral studies in Hungary. A research paper and motivation letter are mainly required.



The best universities in Hungary


  • University of Debrecen – is an internationally recognized and prestigious university. It is very popular in the medical field. In addition to medicine, it provides education in Engineering, Management, Social Sciences, Humanities, and many other fields.
  • Corvinus University of Budapest – It is one of the top universities in Hungary, known worldwide for its academic achievements and international academic connections. You can study International Management, Sociology, Food Engineering, and other fields.
  • University of Szeged – one of the most important universities in Hungary and Central Europe. It is very popular in the medical field. In addition to medicine, you can study in the fields of Agriculture, Arts, Economics and Business Administration, Music, Science, and Informatics.




Working in Hungary

Hungary is one of the best countries to find a job in Europe. The Hungarian government allows international students to work 24 hours a week. Working in Budapest during his studies creates an opportunity to earn experience and additional income. The number of students working as interns in companies is quite large. Additionally, you must obtain a work permit if you want to stay and work in the country after graduation. Often, the recruiting company handles these procedures. You can only work once you receive this permit.

Hungary education visa


Hungary is included in the group of Schengen countries. That is, a Schengen visa is also required to go to Hungary. If you are going as a student, you can apply for a Category D visa. For these, you can contact the Hungarian embassy in Baku.



Visa application form:

– The visa application form – must be filled out thoroughly and clearly and signed and submitted by the applicant personally, with the exact dates of the trip indicated.




– Two 3.5 x 4.5 color photos taken on a white background within the last six months are required. One photo should be pasted on the application, and the other should be attached to the documents.



Medical insurance:

– If the student is provided with medical insurance by the university, this information should be mentioned in the invitation letter. In addition, 30-day travel insurance covering all costs for medical purposes, including repatriation, and no less than 30,000 euros, provided that it is valid in the territory of all Schengen Agreement member countries (the insurance must be valid from the planned departure date in the territory of the Schengen Agreement member countries);



The following document is required for an educational trip:

– Letter of acceptance from the university: start date of the study, information about the payment (if the study is paid), and other information.



Master’s studies in Hungary

Studying for a master’s degree in Hungary is profitable compared to other options. You can study in many higher degree programs at Hungary’s world-renowned and prestigious universities for between 3000 and 5000 Euros. Living and living costs in Hungary are low compared to some other Europena countries. With these features, Hungary is one of the ideal options for studying English in Europe.



Two years’ work and residence permit after Master’s studies in Hungary.

After your Master’s degree in Hungary, you can work full-time and professionally in the field of your Master’s degree for two years, gain experience, and earn educational expenses. This job can also open the door to a career in Europe. A master’s degree in Hungary will give you a measure of your plans.


Your university GPA must be at least 71. A letter of motivation is another document required to study in Hungary with a full scholarship. If you have all these required indicators, you can register for the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program free of charge. If your registration is successful, you will be invited to an interview. The main point here is that you can answer all the questions relaxed and confidently without appearing nervous or stressed. Visa is easily obtained, and no fee is required. The required documents mainly consisted of these, but you can still research the universities and majors you want to be admitted to and get more information from their official websites.



Free Master’s Education in Hungary

Applications for scholarship programs are made through the Ministry of Education (MOE). The most well-known scholarship programs for Hungary are Stipendium Hungaricum and Visegrad. The scholarship program we will talk about today is Stipendium Hungaricum. This scholarship program has signed agreements with many countries and allows international students to study in Hungary on a scholarship. Within the framework of the scholarship program, about 200 students receive the right to study in Hungary with a scholarship every year. The Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program covers students’ annual tuition fees, monthly living expenses, accommodation, insurance, and medical examinations. In addition, within the framework of the scholarship program, students are given a scholarship of 125 euros or 250 manats every month. Although more than the stipend in the capital and touristic cities is needed, it is enough in the city of Debrecen and other regions.



What Indicators Are Required for Admission to the Scholarship Program?

The main requirement is that you have some compatibility with the major you want to study. Your credits must be compatible with certain subjects required by looking at the “Study” section available in the scholarship program. The second requirement is that your English language skills must be high to study and establish communication relationships. If you were taught in English during your undergraduate studies, you can get a certificate from the university and submit it to the scholarship program. Otherwise, you must have IELTS and TOEFL certificates. In order to get a master’s degree, the IELTS score must be at least 6.0.



The first university in Hungary was founded in 1367, and the history of higher education is about 650 years. A bachelor’s degree in Hungary lasts three years (3.5 years in some engineering fields), and a Master’s degree lasts two years. Medical education is six years, and Dentistry and Pharmacy are five years.



Hungarian language course

This course consists of 100 English lessons, each lasting 45 minutes, and will be held at the International Business School in Budapest this year from July 4-29.


The course aims to develop general and business-oriented English knowledge at an intermediate level in all areas (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). There is also an entertainment program in Budapest for the course participants – extracurricular activities such as visiting museums, watching movies, and sightseeing. In addition, excursions to Hungary’s most beautiful historical and natural places will be organized twice a week.


Students will stay in a dormitory on the International Business School campus. Students will be served food three times a day in the dormitory restaurant.